Extra-Ordinary Eucharistic Ministers

The person who shares in the role of service as Extra-Ordinary Eucharistic Ministers should be fully initiated, mature, members of the Church, who have, by their actual Christian living, shown that they have taken their faith seriously. They should embody the Christian life of service, and be willing to grow in their love for the Eucharist. Under normal circumstances, the age of eighteen would seem to be the guide for maturity. However, a one-on-one interview with the person helps to determine the maturity of each individual.   No one is excluded from this ministry because of race or sex, and it is important and desirable that communion ministers are representative of the make up of the parish community as regards to age groups, ethnic diversity, and sex.  Before being commissioned, a candidate must participate in an approved training program.  Training is provided.

For questions about any of our Liturgical Ministries contact Libby Downs at ljdowns@stsppchurch.org or (270) 885-8522.