Altar Society

The Altar Society here at Saints Peter and Paul is truly a “service” ministry.  Its purpose is:

–    To labor for the adornment and cleanliness of the House of God.
–    To foster and contribute to the works of the Lord
–    To take care of the immediate needs of the altar and to supply the needs of the sacristy.

These purposes are completed by their dedicated service to cleaning the sacred altar, tabernacle, baptismal font, and other furnishings in the church.  They are also responsible for the upkeep of candles for our Devotional Candle Areas.

This ministry is under the leadership of the Altar Society Chairperson who is responsible for scheduling and ensuring that procedures are followed in what products can be used on different surfaces in the church.  Members are asked to check on supplies several times during their allotted week to ensure the upkeep of the church.  Each member is scheduled approximately 6 times a year. Training in these duties is provided.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact Lana Bastin at (270) 839-4995.