Stained Glass Windows Project Update

+….It is exciting to see this project begin to become a visual reality. The windows will contribute to our mission of worship, witness, and teaching. It will progress according to its own impetus, as parishioners are able and willing to move it forward. The intent is that our Parish projects not compete among themselves, but that they progress together as God enables them to go. To that end, we commend this work to the praise and glory of God and to the edification of his people.  excerpt from a letter to parishioners, written by Fr. Richard Meredith, April 20, 2013

Communications regarding the project:
Letter to the Parish April 2013
Stained Glass Window Schema 3
Emmanuel Studios Documents

Saints in the Windows Report October 2015

Saints in the Windows Report July 2017

Stained Glass Window Project Report September 2020

Links to Emmanuel Stained Glass Studio:

St. Francis of Assisi  Installed November 5, 2013
St. Anne Teaching St. Mary  Installed October 1, 2014
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton  Installed November 4, 2014
St. Bernadette Soubirous  Installed November 20, 2014
St. Isidore and St. Maria  Installed February 9, 2015
The Korean Martyrs  Installed April 1, 2015
The Most Holy Trinity-West Rose Window  Installed August 7, 2015
Holy Family at Work  Installed September 22, 2015
The Incarnation-North Rose Window Installed May 11, 2016
Grace-East Rose Window  Installed November 22, 2016
The Venerable Father Michael McGivney  Installed June 28, 2017
St. Albert The Great  Installed September 11, 2017
St. Padre Pio  Installed November 21, 2017
Our Lady of Pentecost  Installed December 20, 2017
St. John The Apostle at Pentecost  Installed July 25, 2018
St. Thomas More  Installed November 5, 2018
St. Lucy  Installed May 31, 2019
St. Mother Teresa  Installed August 2, 2019
The Great Palladium Window  Installed August 2, 2019
St. Thomas The Apostle  at Pentecost  Installed January 24, 2020
St. Jude The Apostle at Pentecost  Installed May 21, 2020
St. Matthew The Apostle at Pentecost  Installed May 21, 2020
         Clerestory Windows
Archangel Michael  Installed October 10, 2019
Archangel Gabriel   Installed October 10, 2019
Archangel Raphael  Installed October 10, 2019
St. Faustina  Installed July 31, 2020
St. Francis Xavier  Installed July 31, 2020
The Patriarch Isaac  Installed July 31, 2020
St. Maximilian Kolbe  Installed July 31, 2020
St. Blaise  Installed July 31, 2020
St. Donald  Installed July 31, 2020

The Great Window