What is Stewardship? Stewardship is a way of life. It is a call to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is about more than money; it is a conversion—a change of mind and heart. It is an opportunity, a need on the part of the giver to give back a portion of the abundant blessings from God. It is a faith response.  Therefore, Catholic Stewardship is not only a matter of believing the practices and principles of the Catholic Church, but also a matter of living a life of stewardship by using the gifts God has entrusted to us to serve God and share His love with others. This means that Catholics should use the resources, talents, monetary means and opportunities available in the world in a Christ-centered manner rather than a self-centered manner. Different people may have different talents and resources and thus may show different ways of serving God throughout their life.

Here at Saints Peter and Paul we have just begun our Stewardship Committee and are working on the first of several documents.  Our first document, due out this summer, will focus on those groups of individuals at Saints Peter and Paul who are truly good stewards – those who give of themselves in service to others.  This service thus affects the lives of many here at Saints Peter and Paul, the city of Hopkinsville and Christian County.  In addition we recognize that within the Church we have opportunities to affect the lives of others throughout the world by our contributions to Catholic Relief Services; Peter’s Pence; Mandeville, Jamaica; Food for the Poor; and a host of needed organizations and services.

Our next document will focus on seeking others to join them.  Asking for others to come on board and be of service by using those talents entrusted to them by God himself.

For more information about Stewardship, please call the parish office at (270) 885-8522.